“Ustium” deals with the struggles of multiple states of consciousness. The existentialism theory of Jean-Paul Sartre inspires this body of work, developed in “Huis Clos.” 

Three men, three souls, one place. 

Behind closed doors, this game of “mirrors” reflects our diverse world—tackling the notions of inferno, an intersubjective hell, an “Inferno” that mirrors humankind drifting through society. This work, dealing with isolation, intends to highlight the questions about masculinity in the Antilles, the representation of the Black body, its stigmatizations, and prejudices. Homosexuality in the Antilles is hidden. Verbal and physical abuse are tenets of modern Caribbean society. Everything is a facade linked to the construction of our community through relationships of domination and submission. 

This research piece feeds from testimonies of secret lives. 

The dancers evolve from a study of LGBT dances through a musical shift to reveal/unveil ambiguity through their performance. Waacking, Voguing, Heels dancing, Hip-hop, mixed with Chevalier Saint Georges, Delgrès, and Moun de Rivel to get rid of rejection, of rage in chiaroscuro to dive into smothering yet freeing underground venues. We wait for a dream; it’s an airlock where we question freedom of choice—fatalism, determinism, humanism; the choreographer questions the relationship between ourselves and the others.

Hubert Petit-Phar opens a new cycle of research through this creation. This work comes from literature, death, freedom, and the meaning that humankind gives to our lives.


Duration: 50 minutes

3 dancers

Ludovic Bibeyron, Mickaël Top, Driss IxX

Creation, choreography:

Hubert Petit-Phar

Dramaturgy and scenography

Delphine Cammal


Le Chevalier Saint-Georges, Delgrès et Murcof


Lilia Aruga


Ludovic Bibeyron

Production, coproduction

Production : Compagnie La Mangrove

Coproduction : L’Artchipel/ Scène Nationale de Guadeloupe, Le Sonis, l’Espace Renaudie/ Ville d’Aubervilliers, CDCN Touka Danses Guyane, Karukera Ballet, SEPT CENT QUATRE VINGT TROIS – Nantes 


DAC Guadeloupe, Région Guadeloupe, Région Ile-de-France dans le cadre de l’aide à la résidence territoriale, Ministère des Outre-Mer, la Spedidam, Micadanses- accompagnement spécifique


In the clear darkness that bathes the stage, there are three of them that we discover frozen in bodily arabesques during a succession of fixed shots. Three similar and different, three together and separated, three for two plus an excluded third, an excluding third, a separating third that will decline the theme of the double, that of the impossible fusion, but also that of the confinement in binarity. [The confrontation of the bodies is a decoy, a substitute, a screen that masks and reveals the quest for another encounter, another way of being in the world, a femininity that stutters at the very heart of the masculine. A femininity which, in order to be able to express itself, is forced to use the dominant and socially determined and accepted codes of a caricatured femininity.

Roland Sabra, 23 april 2022

viàATV Designation

On the occasion of the International Dance Biennial, we take you to discover "USTIUM". A committed piece, dealing with the struggle of consciousness and the acceptance of differences. Three West Indian dancers from the company "La Mangrove" give life to this reflection. Several dance styles and techniques are used.

Tom Gagnou, 22 april 2022


Hubert Petit-Phar fights clichés with Ustium : The choreographic piece was named after a work by Jean-Paul Sartre Huis clos, "ustium" in Latin. Dancer and choreographer, Hubert Petit-Phar (La Mangrove company) based his creation on the analysis of a work by Jean-Paul Sartre developed in Huis clos. A critique of the prejudices linked to masculinity and the black man. Hubert Petit-Phar wanted to deal with different issues in this piece, particularly masculinity and the prejudices surrounding the black man. "Starting from this argument of Jean-Paul Sartre, I was able to deal with homophobia, rejection and tolerance ... ", he explains.

Tafari Tirolien, 01 march 2023

France Antilles

Lors d’une nouvelle représentation de la pièce Ustium chorégraphiée par Hubert Petit-Phar, plus de 200 personnes se sont déplacées à la salle Sonis. Les spectateurs ont été saisis par l’engagement des trois danseurs, Ludovic Bibeyron, Mickaël Top et Driss IxX, et ont manifesté leur admiration à travers de riches applaudissements et une salle entièrement debout en fin de spectacle. A la sortie, on a pu entendre des phrases telles que « la perception de la souffrance de ne pouvoir parfois assumer qui on est était palpable », « la pièce engage une réflexion, on se pose des questions sur la vie dans la société, sur le chemin existentiel » (…).

Stéphanie Tollet, 20 avril 2023

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