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“Two men, brothers, father and son or comrades are sitting on their meager wood crate, rich—rich from their shared experiences, they converse, argue, reconcile; they dance generations, transfers, graceful bequeathing, collusion, and generosity. Two tall fellas, wearing white shirts or shirtless to pass the time and pass the space. A gifted dance, opened with gifted arms. Gazing one another, advancing into comprehension or adversity. Father or son, through communicative joy, casual dancing, flowing and airy, ready-to-taste, with delight and poetry of the gesture.”

G.Charras - July 12th, 2017

"Dance with a purpose, in order to find another way of binding identity and territory: that’s the beautiful and persuasive idea of Jean-Claude Bardu & Hubert Petit-Phar. We will remember the poetic presence of two dancers, subtle yet full of energy."

[Avignon off]

Camille Thermes - July 18th, 2017 

Les Ailes d'I Ka

Le Figaroscope

"The choreographers Hubert Petit-Phar and Delphine Cammal bring us to their Mangrove trip a maze. The dancers advance with minimalism, yet carry us with endless delight in between dream and reality, white and black roots."

M.C, April 2013

Nuances #3

Le Figaro

“A moving and bewitching symbiosis between music and dancers.”

Thierry Hilleriteau, April 2011

“Nuances 3 is the encounter between Hubert Petit-Phar’s choreographic gesture and Jean-Luc Bernard’s live music alluring rhythm. It is synergistic… Music and body collapse and create a visual and sensory experience, in which the rhythm sets the tone while the body unveils meaning."

M. Provost,, January 2010


"During and after the performance, the imagination of the audience never sits still. On stage, the story travels and is carved in the audience’s mind."

Moje Miasto, July 2009 (Poland)

Vois où je vis


"Unadulterated, Hubert Petit-Phar dances his “See where I live”, with the sweet connivance with his dancer Delphine Cammal. The ubiquitous and enjoyable music keeps taking the audience further and further away from reality."

Sandrine Mailhaud, May 2008

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