Participatory projects, projects in the educational environment, and danced seminars are all protean labs connected with one another thanks to one of the main focuses of the company: a creation department dedicated to the exploration of human trajectories through the concept of resistance, and of resilience. The two choreographers’ questionings about the relationship between the Human-beings and the Territory spring up, becoming a common thread.

Current projects :

> REZIZTE Révé!in Sainte-Rose

> ESPERANZA in Pantin

> Workshops and performances in Alexandre Macal school in Saint-François (971), in partnership with the association Correspon’Danse,

Partners : Drac Ile-de-France (culture et lien social), DAC Guadeloupe, Région Ile-de-France, Préfecture de Seine-Saint-Denis, Préfecture de Guadeloupe, Conseil Départemental de Guadeloupe, Est Ensemble, Ville de Pantin, le CND et les Archives Nationales.

Shared Perspectives with Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Edouard Glissant

Workshops with multimedia libraries dedicated to Afro-American and Caribbean literature, a danced seminar proposal—about creolization as a driver for otherness.

« Les Rhizomes » is a program meant to support and facilitate creation and outreach projects for choreographing artists and cultural associations with Dance projects of Guadeloupe.

The program is in general initiated by a creation or outreach project. The artists and structures are, according to their needs, assisted by a team of professionals who kindly provide their expertise and savoir-faire.

Artistic Expertise: Choreographers, Playwrights, Directors, Light Designers, Stage Managers.

Administration and Production Expertise: Production Managers, Company Administrators/Managers.

Communication Expertise: Publicists, Communication Managers.

Networking Expertise: Cultural Engineers, Speakers, Territorial Attachés.

The project is supported by the DAC of Guadeloupe, in partnership with La Belle Ouvrage.

We want to create enablers…through experimentation, research, from performative projects to writing residencies. It is all about providing shared spaces for artistic exchanges about the city and the society, creating sensible trajectories and experiencing them together, providing common space for encounters, make a step towards other people through art performance, inventing In situ moments with demonstrations, projects, that could imbricate inside the territory in harmony with its own dynamics.
We want to create a space of confrontation through communication, discussion. It is a blessing to convey the tools for creation, knowing that every creative process is unique, leading to a unique outcome, one window in the essential to the co-construction of the City.

in Sainte-Rose




This project was created alongside the middle school and La Cité Bébèl through performances within schools, within the city, and within the nursing home Les Roses de Lima. The piece was created from the earlier creation “Breathless…”. The company carried out encounters with dancers—followed by debates triggered by excerpts of the work—and workshops with teenagers.





Mise en réflexion sur le lien Humain/Terre avec une thématique sur l’eau et la notion de surconsommation. Une réflexion sur les nouvelles technologies, l’omniprésence du numérique et leurs compatibilités avec le monde dans lequel nous vivons a été développée tout au long de l’année et déclinée suivant les âges.





Projet de création construit sur la liberté et le rêve. Ces ateliers ont été un moyen d’aborder la Danse et le Corps autrement, de réfléchir à la place du Corps dans l’espace public.






Nous avons souhaité développer une réflexion en partant de l’abolition de l’esclavage et créer à travers l’Art une parole, afin que les jeunes soient transmetteurs d’une Histoire, portent un sens au monde dans lequel ils vivent. Construire une parole collective…

An exchange program between the youth of Pantin and the young members of the association Correspon’Danse lead to a performance in Guadeloupe (MACTe, Collège Macal, In Situ…) and in Pantin during the May commemorative day.





Since 2017, the Archives Nationales and Pôle Sup’93 come together with many structures of the Quatre-Chemins neighborhood in order to create and experiment together on a territory shared by two cities. “At The Crossroads of Memories”, with “Les Voix de la Contestation” and “Polis” has brought together the audience of both La Mangrove and the association 4 Chem’, and the students of Pôle Sup’93 through the writing of a common History intertangling Dance, Music, and Theater.

Dreaming together at the Crossroad, imagining the future with its community, while giving voice to the individual and collective memory of a neighborhood.

With : Le pôle Jeunesse, la maison de quartier des Quatre-Chemins, le Pôle Patrimoine de Pantin, l’école Jean Maçé, 4 chm1évolution, Auberfabrik, Compagnie En corps des mots, Atelier Kuzo

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