Les Ailes d'I Ka

Les Ailes d'I Ka

I-Ka is the foreigner, the one that comes from elsewhere. His wings carry us away, and make us acknowledge his existence. His encounters, filled with emotions, with glee, with tension—his times of solitude, all prove an intimate onlook on the identity of the bodies. Singularity, plurality? How can we question ourselves about otherness, about the self? ‘When travelling, we accept death.’. Therefore, is mixity the loss of origins or enrichment?

How can ‘bodies’, coming from different horizons, can find common ground while disclosing their own identities? This work deals with differences, with what can unite us, with our way of communicating in a world where we tend to isolate ourselves, protect ourselves.

les ailes d 'I Ka(re) duo

Duration: 50 minutes

Created for 5 danseurs et 2 musiciens

Creation, choreography:

Hubert Petit-Phar


Delphine Cammal, Elise Delaunay, Hubert Petit-Phar, Sandra Sanglar et Laurent Troudart


Jean-Luc Bernard et Sébastien Chatron


Jean-François Saliéri


Compagnie La Mangrove


Centre National de la Danse de Pantin (accueil studio), Ville de Garches, la Spedidam, l’Adami, ARCADI « Les Plateaux Solidaires ».

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Les chorégraphes Hubert Petit-Phar et Delphine Cammal nous emmènent en voyage dans le dédale de la Mangrove. Les interprètes évoluent avec sobriété et, pourtant, nous transportent sans cesse avec délice dans l’entre-deux du rêve et de la réalité, entre racines blanches et noires