Kreyol Karavan

Kreyol Karavan

Music and dance meet at a crossroads. Kreyol Karavan wishes to explore this exact junction through a trip within "Creole identity." Kreyol Karavan was created to limelight our creolity and find our common grounds through diverse though similar experiences of "métissage."

It felt necessary to implement Kreyol Karavan on different territories (Guadeloupe, Florida, Louisiana). We wanted to allow our diverse artists to expose their native regions and their legacy through collaborative work.

We have created a performance based on numerous past and current artistic and cultural movements.

Beyond the desire to expand our artistic legacy, the project's purpose is to question the specific features of historical and political patrimonies. Kreyol Karavan is a transcultural project, through which we will explore Antillean references (music, poetry, traditional dance, environment, lifestyle).

We will debate and challenge our perceptions of "creolity" with a seminar right after the performance. 

We will debate and challenge our perceptions of "creolity" with a seminar right after the performance. 

Danseurs, Musiciens, vidéaste, plasticienne… ils contribuent à Karavan au rythme des étapes : Angélique Amyot, Aroussen, Ludovic Bibeyron, Marvin Fauchi, Roger Cournoyer, Hubert Petit-Phar, Sarah Pisica, Mathieu Rancourt, Naomi Yengadessin, Stacy Top, Mickaël Top, Arielle Warnke.


Nouvelle-Orléans (U.S.), Floride (U.S.), Port-Louis (Guadeloupe), Karukera Ballet (Guadeloupe), site de Vieux-Fort Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe) et Maison pour la Danse (Québec).


United States
New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, Ministère de la Culture, DRAC Île-de-France et DAC Guadeloupe, Ministère des Outre-Mer, Région Île-de- France, Région Guadeloupe, Préfecture de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Préfecture de Guadeloupe, Conseil départemental de Guadeloupe, la Spedidam.


DAC Guadeloupe, Ministère des Outre-mer, Région Guadeloupe, Ministère des relations internationales du Canada, Dispositif Récif – Karukera Ballet école de danse, Maison pour la danse de Québec, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

 ✓  Lauréat du Fonds Franco-Québécois et du   dispositif « Mondes nouveaux ».